Banner_Silban.jpg Silban
The Earthmother

One of the twelve remaining Lesser Gods, Silban is most commonly known as the Earthmother, although other titles for Her include the Bringer of Harvests, the Sleeper Without Dreams, and the Goddess of Farmers. She is often depicted by mortal artists as an elegant female carrying a bushel of wheat in Her arms with a crown of flowers and corn adorning Her head.

Governing the soil and its relationship with mortals, Silban’s Realm is vast. All living creatures are said to play a part in Her Realm, from the simple Human farmers to the reclusive Eledhel. Her workings are said to be subtle compared to those of other Lesser Gods, yet her touch upon the world is constant.

Silban is often called upon to invoke blessings of fertility and growth. It is not uncommon for mortals to ask Her for bountiful harvests and fertile soil.

Worship of Silban can be found throughout Triagia, ranging from the secluded wilderness to the urbanized cities. Her priesthood come from a myriad of backgrounds, each connected through their worship of the Earthmother.

The main temple in the Western Kingdom is located south of Hawk’s Hollow. The notable Abbey of Silban is located in the heart of the Green Heart forest. Shrines in honor of Silban can be found across Triagia, often in tranquil forests or hidden in caves deep below the Earth.

The Orders of Silban
Among the variety of sects devoted to Silban, the two most prominent are:

  • The Sect of the Givers
  • The Sect of the Watchers


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