Salt Road


The Salt Road

Mercantile and Trading Co. Ltd.

(Salis Semita: Mercatorum et Mercium)

Salt Road Mercantile is a growing company based within the Free Cities. Much of their success can be attributed to the economic power vacuum leftover from the decimation of the Krondor-based Bitter Sea Trading and Holding Company. In addition to their core holdings in the Free Cities, they boast a number of franchised retail and outlet stores in The Kingdom, Kesh, and The Eastern Kingdoms.

The company started shortly after the Serpent War as an offshoot of a failed Quegan exploration project. The cartographer on the project became increasingly frustrated by the fractious nature of Quegan politics. Barely surviving an ill-advised (but politically motivated) late-season passage through the Straights of Darkness was the last straw. He convinced the captain to abandon the mission, and they settled in Lan.

With information learned from the project’s last mission, and a few fortunate deals, they managed to make enough within a year to not only buy off their bounties, but reinstate their Quegan citizenship status. Relative ease to profit outside of Queg was too good to ignore, so they remained in the Free Cities, adopting the project name and official seal for their business. Soon-after, they consolidated a few like-minded small businesses under the new (more professionally respectable) name, and eventually registered the operation with The Exchange in Port Natal. The company maintains private ownership through an experimental employee stock ownership program.

Salt Road

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