Kingdom of the Isles

The Kingdom of the Isles (also known as the Kingdom of Rillanon, and usually shortened to ‘the Kingdom’) is one of the most powerful nations in the northern half of the continent of Triagia. The mainland territory of the Kingdom stretches from the shores of the Endless Sea and the Bitter Sea in the west to the Kingdom Sea (Sea of Kingdoms) in the east. Its northern reaches are bounded by the Teeth of the World and the Northern Guardians, beyond which lie the Northlands. To the south, it shares a border with the Empire of Great Kesh. Culturally and politically, the Kingdom is divided in half between the older and more populous Eastern Realm and the Western Realm, which is governed from Krondor.


Early Expansion
In ancient times, some 800 years ago, the island of Rillanon was united under the rule of the first conDoin king, a tribal leader named Dannis conDoin. Under the conDoin kings, the kingdom’s influence grew, as it engulfed its neighboring island kingdoms. During the following two centuries, Rillanon and the rival city-state of Bas-Tyra fought trade wars for control over the Kingdom Sea.

The conDoins progressively expanded the Kingdom of the Isles through a series of wars, conquests, and annexations. Two hundred years after Dannis, Delong (the only King to be known as ‘the Great’) planted the banner of Rillanon on the mainland by conquering Bas-Tyra.

Growth of the Western Realm
Several centuries later, conflict between the Empire of Great Kesh and its subsidiary, the Keshian Confederation, led to the withdrawal of Keshian troops from its northernmost territories.

Nicholas conDoin, youngest son of the King, brought the Kingdom armies westward to the Keshian province of Bosania and expanded the Western Realm.

  • Eastern Realm
    • Rillanon
      Rillanon is the capital of the Kingdom of the Isles and center of power in the eastern courts. The King rules the entire kingdom from here, though only broad policy in regards to the west. Rillanon and the surrounding area are ruled by the Duke of Rillanon.
    • Bas-Tyra
    • Salador
    • Rodez
    • Ran
    • Cheam
    • Sadara
    • Deep Taunton
  • Western Realm
    Krondor is the capital of the western half of the Kingdom of the Isles. The Prince of Krondor is normally the heir (presumptive) to the throne in Rillanon while the city and surrounding area is ruled by the Duke of Krondor.
    • Duchy of Krondor
      Originally a part of the Keshian province of Bosania, it was captured by Nicholas conDoin I, the third son of a King. Its coastline is also referred to as the Far Coast.
      • Sarth
        A town within the Principality of Krondor, it is home to the Ishapian abbey containing the greatest collection of writings in Midkemia.
      • Barony of Carse
      • Barony of Tulan
      • Barony of Jonril
  • Duchy of the Southern Marches
    • Barony of Land’s End
      With the establishment of Port Vykor, the Duke of the Southern Marches, who carries the title of Lord Sutherland, administers the border garrisons of Landreth and Shamata. Historically, these were the duty of the Earl of Landreth.
  • Duchy of Yabon
    The Armengarians, after the destruction of Armengar by Murmandamus, largely returned to and settled in Yabon with their Hadati brethren.
  • Former Duchy of Stardock (now independent)

Kingdom of the Isles

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