Elves.jpg Elves are the most ancient humanoid race of Midkemia, a tall and graceful people whose natural lives may last centuries.

The elves were one race, slaves under the Dragon Lords.

  • The elves who tended the fields and forests were the precursors to the modern-day Eledhel
  • Those who closely served their masters were the ancestors to the Moredhel.
  • The Eldar, wisest and most powerful of the elves, served as loremasters and keepers of treasures plundered by the Dragon Lords
  • Those who aimed to control their own fate through strength became the glamredhel
  • Elves who became isolated on Novindus and forgot their language are the ocedhel

To most humans, there are “elves”, and there are “dark brothers” or “Brothers of the Dark Path”. In the elf language, these are the eledhel and the moredhel. By human standards, there are few physical differences between the two. They are most distinct in their ways of thinking. The eledhel keep to themselves in the protected forest surrounding their forst-city, Elvandar. The moredhel seek power, and relics of the elves’ ancient masters. While the eledhel are seen as cold and isolationist, the moredhel are largely xenophobic and intolerant.

The moredhel live a semi-nomadic lifestyle, led by warrior chieftains or the occasional shaman. Moredhel are mostly found within the forested regions of Northwest Triagia and often ally with the goblins whom they would send against humans.

In Gameplay
Because the non-human races of Midkemia tend to keep to themselves, PCs must take the “Unusual Background” advantage, and provide a convincing back-story.


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