Bitter Sea

The Bitter Sea is located on the west side of the continent of Triagia upon the world of Midkemia. It contains two notable islands, Queg and Sorcerer’s Isle; and is the main trading sea between The Empire of Great Kesh, The Free Cities of Natal and the Kingdom of the Isles.

Notable Features

Straits of Darkness
The Straits of Darkness are a narrow passageway that connects the Endless Sea to the Bitter Sea. It is a critical shipping route between the ports of the Bitter Sea, particularly Krondor and Port Vykor, and the rest of the world. They gain their name from the dangers associated with winter travel through them.

Sorcerer’s Isle
Sorcerer’s Isle is counted the home of the evil magician Macros the Black. It is held in wary regard by sailors of The Bitter Sea. A number of myths surround the island and it’s owner.

The Kingdom of Queg
The Kingdom of Queg is a small island nation that boasts the largest fleet in the region. They ‘think’ the Bitter Sea is their domain, and frequently harass (even capture) vessels of other nations. Foreign nationals have NO legal rights on Queg. Any visitor without a sponsor is considered fair game for the island slavers.

Bitter Sea

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