Yabon (Duchy)

A Northern duchy in the Western Kingdom. Its vassal states are LaMut (Earldom), Loriél (Barony), Tyr-Sog (Barony), Zūn (Barony), Hawk’s Hollow (Barony).

Yabon had once been under Keshian control, part of the fallen Keshian province of Bosania. Most of Yabon was conquered by Duke Borric’s grandfather. Most raised in this region have, of necessity, a greater knowledge of the Moredhel, Goblins, Trolls, and other enemies of the North as Yabon is frequently the target of raiding forces of these groups. Duke Brucal of Yabon was a key figure in the defense of the Kingdom against the Tsurani during the first Riftwar.

The majority of the duchy lies in the Yabon River Valley, running from the Yabon Hills in the north, down toward the Free Cities. Though there is no direct access to The Bitter Sea, trade through Port Natal is relatively open. Otherwise, caravans travel along the King’s Highway through Questors’ View and South to Krondor and beyond. The duchy’s eastern extent is the barony of Tyr-Sog.

The mountains north of Yabon, the Yabon Hills, are home to the Hadati Hillmen. They are a semi-independent barony, within the protectorate of the Duchy of Yabon.

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Yabon (Duchy)

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