Although one of the least important ports in the Principality, Sarth is renowned for being the location of an Ishapian abbey that is said to house more knowledge than any other place in the Kingdom. The town of Sarth rests on a peninsula at the north end of the Bay of Ships. The abbey is in the hills about a day’s ride to the northeast of the town.

The abbey sits atop a high, craggy place, a small mountain rather than a hill, an upthrust thing of rock and granite facings, flat on top like a table. The abbey is maintained by the Brothers of Ishap. Once an ancient fortress, The Abbey houses one of the largest libraries in the world, in the mines below the fortress: The Library at Sarth. Those who serve at Sarth gather together books, tomes, manuals, scrolls, parchments, and fragments from throughout Midkemia to add the their vast collection of knowledge. In the Ishapian order there is a saying: “’Those at Sarth serve the god Knowledge.”

The mines were once a dwarven emerald mine, called Mac Bourgalan Dok. Under the old keep, the hill is hollowed and filled with over a thousand large chambers There are large chambers with shelving and shelf furniture in the center of the rooms, all packed with books.

In anticipation of the invasion of the Emerald Queen’s armies, the Ishapians relocated the vast library to a secret location in the mountains of Yabon known as “That which was Sarth.” The Library is being systematically returned to Sarth. (The mines’ defenses were damaged by occupation. Unsavory infestation lingers.)


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