Moredhel also known as Brotherhood of Dark Path are a race of elves.

All elves once served the Valheru. When these were defeated by the gods they were freed from slavery. But being long influenced by their masters’ aggression, some elves sought to regain the former grandeur of their masters. They decided to collect relics and weapons of the Dragon Lords and continue their heritage, the Dark Path.

The other elves who knew their scheme also sought the relics of the Dragon Lords and destroyed them so that they wouldn’t fall into their hands, but some of them could not be found.

In Triagia, Moredhel would often ally with the goblins whom they would send against humans. They lived mainly in the Green Heart. Once they attacked Carse but were repelled by dwarves. About 10 years before the Riftwar, they stirred up the goblins against Crydee.

Physically, moredhel are indistinguishable from other elven races. What set them apart is their lust for violence and power. On occasion, a moredhel may find themselves changed, turning themselves away from the dark path. They would travel to Elvandar, home of their Eledhel kin, where they would be welcomed back into the fold, becoming indistinguishable from their kin. These pariahs were rare, since their Moredhel kin would sooner slay them than to allow them to travel to Elvandar.


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