Fitzcaster Well

Fitzcaster Well

Population 5,000 (?) (including outlaying hamlets)

Taverns & Inns

  • Alehaus of the Church, famous for its Bacon-wrapped Turkey
  • The Corner, famous for its Smoked Kale
  • Well Inn, famous for its Braised Pork Ribs
  • The Duchess’s Den, famous for its Peppered Boar
  • The Mason, famous for its Slow-Roasted Dolphin
  • The Forester, famous for its Seared Goose

Notable Shops

  • Salt Road Mercantile, one stop shop for all your basic needs
  • Acerbus Anquero’s Shop of Magical Wonders on Purplish Street
  • Northaneana Fanagath’s Exotic Armor on Count Way
  • Froehner’s tailor workshop on Lord Road

Other Points of Interest in Town

  • Liverridingfair Catacomb contains a mass grave and Serpent War memorial.
  • Titan Alley is where the musicians gather to perform and panhandle.
  • Cassiorose House is a popular meeting place for the young, stylish, and wealthy.
  • Wolf Road is where most of the smiths have their shops.
  • Last Pond has the best views in town, and is the best place to watch the sunset in summer.

Nearby Farms

  • A family farm where they raise pigs and honeybees. In addition to a small stone farmhouse, there is a small kennel.
  • A farmstead where they raise minks and ermines for fur and chickens. In addition to a mottle-and-daub farmhouse with thatched roof, there is a potter’s kiln, a barn, a livestock enclosure and a smithy.
  • A borough where they grow wheat and peaches. In addition to a longhouse that houses several families, there is a tool shed.
  • A borough where they grow oats and raise honeybees. In addition to a mottle-and-daub farmhouse with thatched roof, there is a mill, a cheesemaking cottage, and a woodshed.

Points of Interest Nearby

  • The village of Pilgrim’s Pass, (2 hours’ ride north) services and lodging for the Temple to Silban.
  • Titan Creek
  • Tinker’s Crag
  • Copper Swamp
  • Plains Meadow
  • Independent River
  • Mount Serpentine

Recent News

  • “The 40th Annual Pearl Onions Festival commences this week”
  • “Ruffians and pickpockets have increased activity near the Square of the Famulus. A curfew has been announced for the area until further notice”
  • “There has been a sharp rise in business for the Mariners & Sailors Order”
  • “A fire was recently started near Frost Commons that is believed to have been arson”
    “Eson MacDragorone, a low-level aristocrat, has died under mysterious circumstances”
  • “Apprentices of the Merchant’s Guild got into a fight with apprentices from the Guild of Brickmakers near The Salt Road Mercantile”

Fitzcaster Well

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