Crydee (Town)

Crydee town is the seat of a Crydee (duchy) | duchy]] by the same name. It is a rough outpost city on the western edge of the Kingdom, located at the mouth of the River Crydee on the shore of the Endless Sea. The region is known as the Far Coast.

The lands were once controlled by the Empire of Great Kesh. Combined with the Free Cities, the land was known as Bosania. Nicholas conDoin, the grandfather of Borric conDoin, conquered parts of Bosania to extend the Western Realm in the name of the Kingdom.

It was in Crydee that the first signs of invasion by the Tsurani appeared over a century ago. About 7 years ago, Crydee was attacked, along with Tulan and Carse, by mercenaries, slavers and pirates from Novindus by way of The Sunset Isles. The castle was badly damaged by fire and most of its population killed or kidnapped including the local garrison.

The town itself has been repaired, however with the expansion of Freeport, its days as a major port-of-call has past.

Crydee (Town)

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