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  • The Free Cities

    [[File:404262 | class=media-item-align-center | 420px | TheFreeCities.jpg]] Also known as "The Free Cities of Natal" is the coastal region along the northwestern shore of the [[Bitter Sea]] who retained independence from [[Kingdom of the Isles | Kingdom …

  • Bordon

    One of the [[The Free Cities | Free Cities]] along the northwestern coast of the [[Bitter Sea | Bitter Sea]]. Bordon is a small city by [[Kingdom of the Isles | Kingdom]] standards, little more than a seaport town. Bordon, like all the Free Cities, has no …

  • Port Natal

    The major port city within the [[The Free Cities | Free Cities of Natal]]. Port Natal connects via river way with the key city of [[Natal | Natal]] and the northern cities of [[Yabon]].

  • Ylith

    A city at the northernmost point of the [[Bitter Sea | Bitter Sea]] and one of the [[The Free Cities | Free Cities of Natal]]. Ylith is a major seaport and an important sea entrance into the province of [[Yabon]]. The Wrecker's Guild in Ylith is noted …

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