Skirting The Dodgy Path

Firstday, 8th of Kimia, 2nd week of year 6 of the Reign of King Patrick

The caravan pulled into Tannerus mid-day. Road-weary, and having heard tales of their specialty (baked bacon), our adventurers headed to The Fighting Lord’s Beerhouse. Almost immediately after entering the establishment, the serving girl ‘recognized’ Father Jennings’s arrival as much anticipated good news. A whirlwind of activity ensued, and a town meeting was called.

Rholf picked up archery kit at The Gull’s Inn & General Store. He also met Dean Barney, the town’s constable. Jen made quite an impression for Shea’s wares, by dosing the town drunk, George. Upon having a clear head for the first time in years, he agreed to break fast with Jen in the morning. (Hopefully with a clean change of clothes.)

A Town Traumatized: Children Missing

Messenger from Eggley
About three weeks ago, a request for help arrived from Eggley. People were getting sick. Details were sketchy, as the messenger himself was very ill by the time he got to town. An aid convoy was assembled, consisting of the town’s healers, four other able-bodied adults and about a half-dozen older (teenaged/near-adult) children. If more help was needed, fast messengers were to go directly to Cook’s Vale by way of Fairchurchling Crag.

Disappearances Begin
A few days after the convoy left, the first child went missing. The disappearances continued sporadically until Banapis, when 3 children never showed up for The Choosing or other town festivities. Since then, children have been kept indoors, or otherwise diligently supervised when playing outside.

Town Investigation and Reaction
Not counting the members of the Eggley convoy, a total of 15 children (aged 3 – 14) are unaccounted for. No clear pattern for the disappearances has been recognized. By a weak consensus, most believe the disappearances are happening in the mornings and early evenings, as opposed to midday. Constable Barney, has investigated each disappearance, and the only thing consistent is the lack of evidence. There have been no signs of struggle, no personal effects left behind, and not a single cry for help heard. The day after Banapis, a second dispatch was sent directly to Cook’s Vale regarding this new problem. Townsfolk originally believed the party (players) to have been sent as part of a response from Cook’s.

Rumors: Who to Blame

  • Goblins
    Goblins have known to abduct kids, but the town hasn’t had such problems in decades. Of note, the night after Banapis (when the largest group went missing) was a full Big Moon, and everybody knows that’s when goblins perform their evil rituals.
  • A Witch
    An old woman has apparently taken residence at (what is known locally as ‘Unnlinn’s Citadel’) ruins that can be found to the Northeast. These ruins are said to have been a noble’s villa, from when this area was part of the Keshan province of Bosania.

Investigation Begins

Dimler snooped around town, adding little substantive information, but was seeing first hand the effect the disappearances are having on the town. Those children old enough to understand are afraid. The younger kids are becoming bored with playing inside and miss their friends.

While playing traveling salesperson, Jen learned that Kevin, the son of the proprietor of The Gull’s Inn is among those missing. (He would have been participating in The Choosing, as this is is 14th summer.

Hrolf & Father Jennings backtracked to ask their ‘goblin friends’ if they knew anything about the missing children. They didn’t, but one of their number confirmed an old woman has been seen near the ruins to the Northeast. They also indicated there are other tribes of goblin-kin in the area, and some of them have a more confrontational relationship with humans. (This is not unexpected.)

In furthering efforts of extending good will, Jennings offered to bless the goblin tribe. The representative initially seemed grateful for the offer, but didn’t seem to understand, and ran off. With nobody present to bless, Enoch opted to attempt to sanctify the clearing itself. (Something usually performed as a group ritual, led by a high priest.) Surprisingly, the spell seemed to work, but the effort left Fr. Jennings drained.

When the pair returned to the road, they found Nenette waiting for them. Ostensibly she followed as back-up, in case the meeting (which she felt was a monumentally stupid endeavor) turned ugly. Something about this didn’t sit right with Father Jennings… or maybe that was just an effect of the fatigue.

The trio headed back to Tannerus.


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Trouble in Tannerus

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