Skirting The Dodgy Path

Investigation Begins

Sixth Session

Seconday, 9th of Kimia, Year 6 of the Reign of King Patrick

Late, the previous evening Dimler and Rholf went on to their own investigation in town, and met up at the wagon, in the town square. There, they saw Nenette in discussion Erick Weissinger about what to do next. Wessinger sent Nennette to get the lay of the land up in Eggley. She left shortly thereafter.

The day begins with Jen’s “date” to break fast with George, Tannerus’s town drunk, and proprietor of the local brewery. The new-and-improved George impresses the locals, landing Jen a couple lucrative sales.

Rested, but distracted, Enoch Jennings continued to recover from his consecration the day before. The experience has locked the location into his mind. He believes he could teleport to that clearing, as if it had a pattern marker, such as those used to teleport between temples.

Meanwhile, Dimler and Rholf went to the livery to attend to the horses in preparaton to take the investigation of the witch reported to live in the area of Unnlinn’s Citadel.

“The Witch”

The group made their way, and found the outcrop marking the location to turn off the road, and head to the ruins. With fits and starts (horse troubles) they made their way through the forest.

Eventually, they came across a grassy clearing. They observed an elderly woman, struggling to pick pears from a tree near her shack. They introduced themselves, and began asking questions, but the woman seems a bit loopy. Loopiness aside, she appears to have no problem supporting herself, or keeping track of what’s going on around her. She even pointed out a sapling, out of concern Father Jennings horse would disturb it. She claims to know nothing about missing children, but recalls that ‘children’ (adolescents) do visit the Citadel as a sort of right of passage. Remains of an outer wall of the citadel are just behind the woman’s shack, and a taller bit of the citadel itself is visible through the trees.

She says the locals, their children, goblins and other beasties of the area leave her alone for the most part. She expressed having had no reason to leave the area, as everything she needs is right there. She’s lost track of how long she’s lived alone in her shack, but seemed to thoroughly enjoy the brief visit. When asked if it was OK if the group came back, and camped in the area, she seemed delighted, and contemplated making a pie from the pears the group helped collect.

“Unnlinn’s Citadel”


The ruins appear to be much more than a few centuries old, as would be the case were this to have been in use during Governor Unnlinn’s time. These ruins show closer to thousands of years of neglect, not hundreds.

A search of the grounds revealed a concealed stairway, leading underground….

To Be Continued…



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