Torch and Mermaid

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The Torch and Mermaid is a Status +2 establishment, in a Status 0 neighborhood, so average out to Status +1 prices, with more accommodation to the higher end of the scale. (Residents get meals at half of the listed price.)


The Torch and Mermaid is an Inn/Brothel complete with a well-stocked tavern, full kitchen and gambling hall.

Proprietor: Madam Shea MacDonnell


  • Coffee (Keshan) $1
  • Cider $4
  • Extensive wine selection $4-$?
  • Aldy’s Pale Ale $6
  • Craven Cure Short Ale $8
  • Dog’s Blood Dwarven Ale $12


Morning & Midday Meals: $12
Evening Meals: $24

Weekday Evening Specials: $30

  1. Steamed Duck with cream sauce with Raw Watercress
  2. Charred Chicken sandwich on a bed of Spit-Roasted Carrots
  3. Sauteed Goat Leg roast with Spit-Roasted Asparagus
  4. Spicy Mutton soup with Roasted Red Peppers
  5. Roasted Green Beans Surprise!, served with Mushrooms & Leeks, Fresh Cheese, and a small helping of Grilled Pork Ribs

Sixthday Feast:

  • Meat: Caramelized Venison Surprise!, served with Pita Bread, a small helping of Braised Sheep and Chips, and Pastry-encrusted Creamy Sheep’s Milk Cheese $38
  • Fish: Marinated Pickerel roast with Spit-Roasted Tomatoes, served with Chips, Roasted hazel nuts, and croquettes of Grouper with Eggplant and Broccoli $32
  • Vegetarian: Poached Butternut Squash stuffed with black cherries, served with hickory nut Bread with melted Cheese, and Pastry-encrusted Creamy Sheep’s Milk Cheese $24

Pick any two: $4

  • coffee, raisin wine, shaved ice with fruit syrups, blackberry and cinnamon cake

Other Services

For a small fee, the tavern will provide

  • Private Room
  • Bard
  • Poetry Recitation
  • Masseuse

Rooms are available here by the day or by the week.

  • Private Room with a View:
    $240 day
    $960 week
    $100 residence (per week)
  • Suite with Hot Bath
    $600 day
    $2400 week
    $250 residence (per week)

Torch and Mermaid

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