The Continent of Novindus
Novindus.jpgNovindus is the second largest continent on Midkemia with a variety of landscapes. It is to the west of Triagia across the Endless Sea and to the east across the Sea of Tears, and it is not immediately clear from the literature which is the closer distance, suggesting that it is probably close to halfway around the globe in either direction. Politically, it has a collection of largely independent city-states which are spread out across the continent but form no overarching political system.

Located in this continent is a mountain range known as the Pavilion of the Gods. It is thought that the realm of the gods lie at the highest peak. At the foot of the mountain, is one entrance to the realm of Lims-Kragma.

Unlike Triagia, which is made up of Kingdoms with standing armies, Novindus features city-states with mercenaries working as hire-able armies.

Novindus consists of city-states which are spread out across the continent. The lands between are held by no one. There are few standing armies. Mercenary bands are normally hired to protect cargoes as they are shipped between cities. Its culture is similar to ancient Indian and ancient African of Earth.

Humans are the predominant race on Novindus. Elves, known as the “long-lived”, make up the bulk of the Jeshandi, a tribal people of the Great Steppes. The Great South forest is home to Tiger men. The Ratn’gary mountains were home to Panathian serpent men. The Western Plains of Djams and foothills of the Ratn’gary mountains are home to the Gilani.


The cities of Novindus are essentially self-governed city states.

The Westlands:

The Riverlands:

The Eastlands:

Around 10 years before the events of this game, the continent featured highly in the Serpent War, in which the continent was largely laid to waste.


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