Midkemia is a fictional planet, developed for this game from the novels of Raymond E. Feist, and other sources.

Its general climate range so similar as to be indistinguishable from Earth.

There is one large continental landmass: Triagia (home to the Kingdom of the Isles and the Empire of Great Kesh), one large island continent: Novindus, a continent of large islands: Wiñet, and an island chain: The Sunset Isles, as well as a few isolated islands.

(Main article: Midkemian Gods)
Most Midkemian races are polytheistic, and share a common pantheon, albeit with regional/cultural name variants.

Clerical Magic (Power Investiture)
The gods are real, and the prayers of the people are heard and have been known to be answered. But true, clerical magic requires Clerical Investment, Power Investiture and Rank within a particular Temple/God.

(Main Article: Midkemian Calendar)
In other sources, the Midkemian year is 200 days… I am not sticking with this for game play for a number of reasons. This change is a work in progress, but the year is roughly 350 days, divided among 11 months, plus a standalone holiday Banapis, which serves as the end of one year, and the beginning of the next year.

The headline dates in the adventure log are from the characters’ point of view, and are formatted as they would be in the Kingdom.
[day of the week] [date of the month] [year RKP ]

RKP = Reign of King Patrick (Current King of the Isles)

(Main article: Midkemian Moons)
There are three moons: Aglarana “Big Moon”, Albion “Middle Moon” and Luna “Little Moon” or “Small Moon”. Only Aglarana has an appreciable effect on the tides.

For the purposes of simplicity, we’ll be using standard “$” for character generation and equipment purchases. However, there are a number of currencies used in the game world.


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