krondor-at-dusk.jpgKrondor is a large coastal city on the eastern border of the Bitter Sea in The Kingdom of the Isles. It is where the Heir to the throne at Rillanon rules and is considered to be the hub of all matters relating to the Western Realm of the Kingdom.

Aside from being the capitol city of the West, Krondor is also a duchy. Power is divided according to scope: Day-to-Day civilian matters within the city and duchy are generally handled by the Duke of Krondor. Broader scope and military issues are the purview of the Prince of Krondor. This occasionally leads to jurisdiction disputes between the civilian sheriff’s officers and military city guards.

The old city was walled, but an extensive foulburg – the part of the city outside the walls – had grown up over the years, until it was much larger than the inner city. Inside the walls, the view was dominated by the palace, which sits atop a hill hard against the south side of the bay. The modern city is divided along socioeconomic lines. More than neighborhoods, but less than boroughs, these ‘quarters’ operate with their own unofficial internal hierarchies, rules and varying levels of ‘street justice’. In the poorer areas, city guards are less likely to get involved in local troubles, so long as they don’t extend to the larger city. While Krondor remains a notable hub, the majority of trade in the west goes through Port Vykor to the South.


  • Administrative Quarter Located in the southwest quarter of the city, this region takes up most of what was the old walled city.
    • Palace Complex
    • Palace Proper
    • Military Complex
    • Public Lands (parks, stadium, etc.)
    • Southern Gate and Caravansary
  • Krondor Estates Located in the southeast quarter and extending into the foothills further east, this is where the well-to-do merchants, traders and minor nobles live.
  • Merchants’ Quarter Located in the heart of the city, between Krondor Harbor, and where the money is.
    • Market Square
  • Harbor District Located in the few miles arc of the harbor not dedicated to the palace and/or military use. Backing up directly against the poor quarter, the district is distinct from the rest of the poor quarter in that the city guards are more active. Even so, it is by no means ‘safe’.
  • Poor Quarter Encompassing much of the north-northeastern third of the city (within the walls) and extending in tandem with industrial business to the north.
    • Eastern Gate and Caravansary
    • Temple Square Located in the poor quarter (but easily accessed by the well-to-do)
    • Northern Gate and Caravansary
    • Warehouse District
    • Stinktown (where all the foul smelling and heavy industrial work is done)

During the Serpentwar, Krondor was invaded by the Emerald Queen’s army. To deny the invaders any plunder or comfort, Duke James set off a series of explosions in the sewers, reducing much of the city to rubble. The city was partially rebuilt before being invaded by Kesh, who retreated to pre-war borders shortly thereafter. Reconstruction continues. The current population is nearly 75,000. (Pre-war population was closer to 100,000.)

Taverns & Inns
Sign of the Broken Shield
The Rainbow Parrot
Torch and Mermaid
Sign of the White Wing
Ye Bitten Dog

Points of Interest
Crossroads Market
Krondor Harbor
Market Square
Serpent War Memorial Park
Temple Square


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