Singer of Green Silences

Kilian is a Goddess of Nature, in addition to Love and the Seas. Woodsmen, rangers, sailors, and more pay Her homage as Nature deity, and lovers recognize Her as patron of love. Her role as sovereign of the Seas was inherited around the Chaos Wars, when her brother Eortis was defeated and His realm passed on to Her. With it, however, She adopted the changeable nature of the sea, and Her moods can change swiftly and suddenly.

Kilian is also known as the Goddess of Love, Goddess of Nature, Gatherer of Quiet Pleasures, and Goddess of the Sea, as well.

The main Temple of Kilian in the Western Kingdom is located along the main road, between Hawk’s Hollow and Zun

The sects of Kilian’s divine order

  • Order of the Wilds
  • Order of Storms


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