Banner_Ka-hooli.jpg Ka-hooli – The Howler After Fugitives

Ka-hooli is one of the four gods who are personified by Order on Midkemia, to the betterment of all and confusion of some. Ka-hooli is the god of Justice and Vengeance. Wherever a criminal is brought to justice, a murderer dies of a heart attack or a burglar is caught in the act and killed by a shop owner we can find Ka-hooli.

Many pray to Ka-hooli whenever they have been harmed physically, emotionally or even financially by another, asking for retribution against them. Ordinands of His holy order tend to track down those with criminal activity, making sure that they are punished for their actions and that justice – or perhaps vengeance – is done, thus Balance restored. It is said that even the priests of Guis-wan fear to stand in the way of an Ordinand of Ka-hooli on a mission, as they will stop at nothing until punishment is dealt out.

The main Temple of Kahooli in the Kingdom of the Isles is just north of Kenting Rush.

The Orders of Ka-hooli
Two sects that comprise his tenets

Members of the sect of Justice tend to let their morality guide them, seeking to make sure that criminals are captured and punished accordingly, their main goals being to assist in correcting the wrongs done in this world.

Members of the sect of Vengeance exist more upon a personal level, allowing their inner passions and emotions (most especially anger) to guide them against those that would strike or have struck against them. A common phrase utilized is: An eye for an eye. This sect has recently reawakened, haven fallen into dormancy in the years preceding the Serpent War.


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