Eggley is a village in the Calastius Valley, about 2 days’ travel North from Tannerus

Taverns & Inns

  • Agahad’s Tavern, famous for its Caramelized Chicken – no lodging (+0)
  • The Fighting Bowyer, famous for its Honey Roasted Mutton – no lodging (+1)
  • The Four Mans, famous for its Spiced Bacon (+1)
  • The Rising Hogshead, famous for its Baked Pork Ribs – no lodging (+1)

Other Points of Interest in Town

  • Gods Terrace is the place where gangs of youths gather to taunt each other or show off their bravery.
  • Copper Font is infested by packs of wild dogs, and worse.
  • Holhamling Smithy is now home only to rats and squatters.
  • Haven Mausoleum is said to be haunted by the restless dead – even the brave do not venture there after dark.

Nearby Farms

  • A family farm where they raise goats. In addition to a two-story house, there is a storage shed, a tool shed, and a small chicken coop.
  • A plantation where they grow tobacco and raise turkeys. In addition to a large manor house, there is a woodshed and a barn.
  • A manor house where they raise pigs and honeybees. In addition to the manor house, there is a smokehouse (curing shed), a tool shed, a guesthouse, and a cemetery.


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