Coin Name Source/Nation Weight $ Value
Copper Common .008 lb $1
Silver Queg .004 lb $4
Silver Royal Kingdom of the Isles .020 lb $20
Gold Queg .004 lb $80
Gold Sovereign Kingdom of the Isles .005 lb $100

The coinage of Queg is the common trade currency, particularly in the nations that surround the Bitter Sea. It was originally the currency of the Free Cities of Natal, but not long after Queg adopted to the standard, they insisted that it had been the other way around.

Queg coins are accepted with little resistance in the Western Kingdom. Certain shops may prefer one or the other. (Seedier establishments might prefer Queg currency, while establishments primarily catering to nobles prefer Kingdom coins.) The further East one travels in the Kingdom, the more he is expected to use Kingdom currency. Only Kingdom coins are accepted in the home islands of the Kingdom.

Money changers can be found at or around city gates or customs offices in harbors. For other currencies, value is determined by material and weight.


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