Clerical Magic

Clerical Magic (Power Investiture)
The gods are real. If you are worthy, and know where to go, you can actually visit them. That being the case, the prayers of the people are heard… and have been known to be answered… for the most part…. And unlike here on Earth, the various gods (and their followers) get along… again, for the most part.

The common citizen will visit numerous temples, pray and give offerings to whichever god’s favor they seek. But true, clerical magic requires Clerical Investment, Power Investiture and Rank +3 (or more) within a particular Temple/God.

Religious Rank (Temple Hierarchy)

GURPS Rank Title Honorific Title, etc. Powers
8 Patriarch / Vicar of the God Addressed as His Holiness or similar PI+4
7 Archbishop / Archvicar head of an archdiocese – an entire geo-political region PI+3
6 Archpriest / Bishop / Dean head of a diocese of a few parishes or one large city PI+2
5 Vicar / High Priest / Monsignor head of a parish of a few temples : addressed by rank title PI+2
4(a) Pastor head of a single temple PI+1
4(b) Champion Priest priest in the field, doing the gods’ work, but independent of the temple knight hierarchy (see below) PI+1
3 Priest one of many in a single temple : addressed Father or simila PI+1
2 Deacon (Permanent)
1 Deacon (Transitory) training for priesthood : addressed as Brother or similar
0 Lay ministry, acolytes, missionaries & aides

Warrior Priests (Temple Knights)

GURPS Rank Title (military equivalent) Duties, Honorific Title, etc. Powers
8 Patriarch (General) PI+4 Emb+3
7+ ArchBishop General (Lieutenant General) PI+3 Emb+3
7 Archvicar General (Major General) PI+3 EMB+2
6 Bishop General (Brig. General) PI+2 Emb+2
5 Monsignor (Colonel) addressed by rank title PI+2 Emb+1
4 Champion / Templar Priest or smilar (Major) PI+1 & Emb+1
3+ Missionary Priest (Captain Transitory to Templar rank PI+1
3 Missionary Priest (Lieutenant) Addressed Father or similar PI+1
2 Missionary Deacon (Corporal field training with priest/s
1 (same as above)
0 (same as above)

Clerical Magic

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