A Work in Progress

As it will probably never come up in play, I’ve moved development of this to the background, but here is where I stand on the Midkemian calendar. None of this is written in stone, particularly the months.

Midkemians maintain a lunisolar calendar. That is, the length of a year, and the change of seasons (and some months) aren’t based so much on counting days as they are on observation. The planet’s orbit is roughly 351 days.

Basic Factors

  • A year is (usually) 350 days, and Banapis is the day between ‘this’ year and ‘next’ year
  • There are or 11 months the year, as observed in The Kingdom and much of Triagia (particularly in the North), and the days are ‘roughly’ divided between those months. (Most months begin with a celestial event, such as a full or new moon, equinox or solstice.)
    Banapis – 1 day (Summer Solstice) universal holiday between years
    1. Kimia – (31) days
    2. Rodec – (36) days (Starts on first Full after First New Big Moon)
    3. Staphron – (31) days (Starts on 3rd New Big Moon of the year)
    4. Natinica – (31) days (Starts on Autumn Equinox)
    5. Wochem – (60) days (Start First New after Full Big Moon)
      Longest Night – (1) day (Winter Solstice) a holy day in some faiths
    6. Mid-Winter – (30) days (Begins the day after Winter Solstice)
    7. Nuna – 29/30 days (Start First New after Full Big Moon)
    8. Agaeis – (27) days (Start Next New Big Moon)
    9. (Chunfan) – (31) days (Starts on Spring Equinox)
    10. Yamiev – 29/30 days (Start First New after Full Big Moon)
    11. Dzanin – (27) days (Start Next New Big Moon)
  • A week is 6 days: Firstday through Sixthday, and Sixthday is a day of rest
  • The Midkemian day is slightly longer than an Earth day. However is tracked exactly as it is on Earth: 24 Hours, 60 Minutes in an hour, 60 Seconds in a minute.

What does this mean in game play?

  1. Daily Timekeeping
    • A day is a day
    • An hour is an hour
    • A minute/second/jiffy is a minute/second/jiffy
  2. A week is 6 days
  3. A Month
    • is about 31 days (average)
    • is about 5 weeks
      • Similarly, on Earth, a month is about 4 weeks (though only one month is exactly 4 weeks… in 3 of every 4 years)
  4. A Year
    • is about 350 days
    • is exactly however many full days there are between one Summer Solstice and the next
    • is about 58 weeks
    • has 11 months plus one standalone day (Longest Night/Winter Solstice)


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