Banapis is the holiday in which everyone is considered one year older, held on Midsummer’s Day.

The Festival of Banapis is the oldest known holiday on Midkemia and its origins lost in history. Some believe that is was borrowed from the elves and/or dwarves, because either race has celebrated it as long as they can remember. Banapis as many names around the world and in some cases celebrated the same way. Great feasts are prepared from the bounties of the year’s harvest for everyone to enjoy together. During the feast there is no ceremony, no ritual, and no rank is observed that afternoon.

The Choosing
The Day of Choosing is a special ceremony held for young boys in the Far Coast of the Kingdom of the Isles on Midsummer’s Day during Banapis.

On their 14th Midsummer’s Day, the boys of the town would be chosen by the craft masters of the town to become their apprentices. The decisions of the craft masters were made after each was trained through various crafts to see which best suited themselves. On a side note this also created a pool of semi-skilled men in various other crafts if the need arose.


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