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  • LaMut

    LaMut is an Earldom and a city located in the [[Yabon Valley]] in the [[Kingdom of the Isles | Kingdom]]. LaMut's citizens are known for shrewd bargaining, a love of [[gambling]], and a strong sense of honor. They were known for the saying "To trade …

  • Tyr-Sog

    Tyr-Sog is a barony within [[Yabon (Duchy) | Yabon]]. It is the Northernmost city of Yabon, and is responsible for fending off most of the [[Goblins | goblins]] and [[moredhel | moredhel]].

  • Loriél

    Loriél is a small [[Kingdom of the Isles | Kingdom]] city (really a large town) nestled into a large valley which runs eastward from the region of [[LaMut]]. Loriel remarkably held out longer than the larger city of LaMut under the onslaught of The …

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