Kohlgrim Blades

Expertly Crafted Weapons

weapon (melee)

Kohlgrim Blades are the common reference to exceptional weapons made by particular (now discraced) smith. Though Kohlgrim made other items, he is best known for his swords and knives. In particular, these blades are cherished for the simple elegance of their craftsmanship, which highlights the quality of his unique steel.

The signature design features of Kohlgrim Blades are crucible steel (identifiable by the ripple-like sheen seen in reflections in flat surfaces), clean, sharp lines, balance. Swords and large knives are inlaid with the •KOHLGRIM• in a slightly darker steel. The inlay on smaller knives is simply •K• on the ricasso, and removal of the handle will show the full signature to be stamped into the tang. Grips vary, and were determined on a per-item basis, according to who had commissioned the work. The few “spec.” examples of Kohlgrim Blades have either fine chain (as in necklace) over leather, embossed (Celtic knot motif) leather, or woven leather.

In Game Specs
The typical Kohlgrim Blade specs are as follows:

  • Very Fine (+2 Damage, -2 Breakage)
    1. Crucible Steel (+1 Fine)
    2. Expertly Made (+1 Fine)
  • Balanced (+1 To Hit)
  • Ornate (+2 Reaction)
    1. Simplicity (Highlights quality of steel)
    2. Inlay (Highlights quality of workmanship)

All this together gives Kohlgrim Blades a +27CF (28 x ‘list’ value)


Kohlgrim Blades

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