Fortunate Son

A three-masted, square-rigged vessel that is fast and handy


Class: Caravel, exploration (73‘)

TL: 4 ST/HP: 165† Hnd/SR: -3/5 HT: 12c Move: 0.2/6 EWt: 35t LWt: 85t Load: 50t
SM: +8 Occ: 18 DR: 12/6 Range: – Cost: $70K Locations: 3M, O, S Draft: 7‘

Owner: Wyndermere & Assoc.
Home Port: Tulan (Kingdom: Far Coast)
Captain: Slaine Creede
Command Crew: 5
Hands: 12


The Fortunate Son is a merchant trade vessel, operated out of Tulan. Until recently, her travels took her between the The Sunset Isles and along the Far Coast. Recently, she has added City of the Serpent River in Novindus to her ports of call.

Fortunate Son

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