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The standard farm vehicle from TL1 through TL5 was the oxcart. A yoke of oxen pull it, and the teamster walks alongside guiding the oxen; there is no seat in the cart. A fully loaded cart travels at 2 mph for no more than five hours/day. After TL3 the oxcart was supplemented by the horsedrawn wagon.

These listed specs (Oxcart and 2-horse Wagon) are right out of the books. They don’t make a lot of sense, but my guess is this is intended to represent long-haul work. Short distances (within town, with rests between loads, for example) would allow considerably more weight to be hauled.

Oxcart (2 Oxen)

TL: 1 ST/HP: 33† Hnd/SR: -3/3 HT: 12c Move: 2/2 Ewt: 0.9t Lwt: 0.6t Load: 0.3t
SM: +1 Occ: 0 DR: 1 Range: F Cost: $250 Locations: 2D, O, 2W

This seems like not a lot of weight… but it’s right out of GURPS Fantasy.

Wagon (2 Horses)

TL: 3 ST/HP: 35† Hnd/SR: -3/4 HT: 12c Move: 4/8 Ewt: 0.34t Lwt: 0.84t Load: 0.5t
SM: +2 Occ: 1 DR: 2 Range: F Cost: $680 Locations: 2D, E, 4W

I don’t understand how a pair of horses pulling a cart has a higher move than a ‘naked’ horse, and as above, it seems like not a lot of cargo (2 horses can only pull 1000 lbs.?) but again: this is right out of GURPS B2:Campaigns.

Horse-cart (1 Draft Horse)

TL: 3 ST/HP: 34† Hnd/SR: -3/3 HT: 12c Move: 3/5 Ewt: 0.25t Lwt: 0.9375t Load: 0.7t
SM: +1 Occ: 1 DR: 2 Range: F Cost: $465 Locations: 1D, O, 2W

I’ve developed this 1-horse wagon by taking the average of oxcart and wagon, with a bit of fudge for effect: a sturdy, but efficient cart that can be pulled by one draft horse.


Carts & Wagons

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