Shea MacDonnell

Proprietor of the Torch and Mermaid


Human Female, Age: (?)
Height / Weight 5’4" / 98 lbs
Hair: Blond, wavy, medium length
Eyes: Green
Skin: Light Tan

Singer, dancer, administrator, gambler, and (of course) sexy. Connoisseur of wine and music, and hobbyist sailor.


Beautiful, and always impeccably dressed, Madame McDonnell runs the classiest ‘inn’ this side of market square: the Torch and Mermaid. Her tidy appearance and diminutive size has lulled more than one ruffian into a misstep, and then on to the nearest churgeon.

She is known to keep a supply of a powerful hangover elixir. As this particular concoction is unknown elsewhere in Krondor, it is assumed she makes it herself. Speculation has it that her alchemical repertoire goes well beyond this product.

A gentleman doesn’t ask
Put to task, anyone would guess Shea has seen no more than 25 Summers. And yet, she has run (or at least been prominent at) the Torch and Mermaid for as long as anyone can be bothered to remember. The T&M is a long-standing establishment, predating the Serpent War, but it wasn’t terribly memorable until Shea commissioned repairs and and reopened, early in the city’s reconstruction.

Shea MacDonnell

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