Rikaramar (Rik) Sangur

Novice sailor on the _Serpent Runner_


Novice sailor
Basic handle on the Keshan language (GURPS: broken)


Rik was too young to be pressed into service in the Emerald Queen’s army. Having seen 19 Summers, he is among the oldest men of Novindus. As soon as he was old enough to take care of his mother and sisters, his older brother, Rama, left home to find meaningful work. Upon his return to Novindus, Rama offered Rik a position, which he gladly accepted. He followed Rik to Maharta to asking about joining the crew of the Serpent Runner.

Rik finds himself on his first voyage across The Blue Sea, his brother at his side, and a whole new world to explore.

After a bit of bad luck, Rik found work in Krondor helping Dimler move cargo. Rik has agreed to stay in Krondor, and take over Dimler’s position helping the Chandlers.

Rikaramar (Rik) Sangur

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