Ramaramar (Rama) Sangur

Journeyman sailor on the Serpent Runner


Moderately experienced sailor


By a very thin margin, Rama was too young to be pressed into service in the Emerald Queen’s army. Having seen 22 Summers, he is among the oldest men of Novindus. As soon as his younger brother , Rikaramar (Rik), was old enough to take care of his mother and sisters, he made his way to the City of the Serpent River to find work. He quickly found a job as a hand on small ships ferrying goods between Serpent River and Maharta, which then transitioned to a rigging job in the shipyard, prepping the Serpent Runner for her maiden voyage to Triagia. Once completed, he was offered a position on the crew, which he gladly accepted.

With some inexperienced navigating, the Serpent Runner’s first tour went well, and Rama brought (relative) riches back home. After the second voyage, he had acquired enough of a bounty, that his mother could hire a couple of strong hands, freeing up Rik to find work as well.

Two years into his career, Rama finds himself on his third voyage across The Blue Sea, his brother at his side, and in a new city with new opportunities.

Ramaramar (Rama) Sangur

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