The Blue Rider


Nakor is of the Isalani, a race of Keshians with yellowed skin, and known both for mysticism and thievery. Nakor is an eccentric character, with somewhat revolutionary views on energy, magic, and the “stuff” that makes up the universe.


Though he is a magician of considerable ability, Nakor insists that all magic is merely trickery. He carries a seemingly empty rucksack, though he continually pulls oranges (or apples) from it. He is also a gambler, and a cheat. He is sometimes known as “Nakor the Blue Rider”, though he is regularly horseless.

Nakor founded the first temple for the slain goddess of good, (currently dead as a result of the Chaos Wars) Arch-Indar. The temple was formed shortly after the Serpentwar, when Nakor came across a woman named Aleta whom he assumes is the avatar of the goddess herself.

As a result of his revolutionary thoughts on magic he has a splinter group of students at Stardock, the Blue Riders, who follow his teachings.


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