Skirting The Dodgy Path

Friends & Enemies in High Places

Third Session

Firstday through Thirday, 2 through 4 of Kimia, Year 6 of the Reign of King Patrick

Rholf went to the palace armory, as requested. The Duke-to-be let it be known that he is aware of who Hrolf actually is. (Effectively letting Hrolf know that his identity isn’t as secret as he might like, and it might be time to move on.) The true (official) purpose of the meeting is to forge a sword worthy of von Darkmoor’s new position as Duke of Krondor. Officially, von Darkmoor forged his own sword, with Hrolf’s assistance. Hrolf was paid for his assistance, and allowed to use the armory and remaining special material (meteoric iron). He used the equipment and material to make 8 daggers.

Dimler and Rik Sangur continued distribution of goods from the Serpent Runner. Rik proved to be a very good assistant, and has been picking up the language. He noticed Dimler works for a chandler, and brought up that some of the cargo yet to be offloaded was candles, which Rael was happy to buy. For his part in the transaction, Dimler received a modest commission.

News of the mysterious passenger from the Serpent Runner sent Jen into a panic. Seeking to assist Jen to not just flee without knowing, Shea helped Jen with an effective disguise, and the pair went looking for the mysterious man. On the 3rd day, they noticed one of Jen’s father’s men. He had apparently been making the rounds on the richer end of town, assuming Jen would gravitate toward a more familiar lifestyle.

Father Jennings has taken up lodging at the Torch and Mermaid, and is preparing to begin his mission. Shea will partially sponsor the journey, by commissioning Falloo to take a supply of Madam MacDonnel’s Hangover Helper, with Jen acting as traveling salesperson, and Hrolf as guard.

Rik has happily agreed to stay in Krondor, and will step in to cover for Dimler while he is away.

firstday seconday thirday fourthday fifthday sixthday
Kimia 2 Kimia 3 Kimia 4 Kimia 5 Kimia 6 Kimia 7
Rholf at Palace Armory Making sword making daggers
Dimler offloading Serpent Runner Continued Finish offload. Brokered deal.
Jen investigating stranger Jen investigating stranger Jen investigating stranger
Jennings securing lodging continues Moves into Torch & Mermaid

Moons (Seconday)

Small Waxing Crescent
Middle 1st Quarter
Big Waning Gibbous



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