Skirting The Dodgy Path

Road to Kenting Rush (2013)

Fourth Session

Fourthday – Sixthday, 5th through 7th days of Kimia, Year 6 of the Reign of King Patrick

Our group has attached itself to a trio of independent tradesmen, following the Calastius Run by way of Jacgus’s Fork.

Traveling Companions

Dimler’s cart has taken the point position in the makeshift wagon train.

Taking the second position is Cory Reihe, a spice merchant. His tidy 2-horse wagon has been modified to accommodate up to 2 passengers. They have one reserve horse, kept in a loose-tack configuration, lead-tied to the wagon.
Reihe’s son Derrick is serving as guard, and is riding in the wagon. This is his 16th summer, and first run as solo guard.

Third in line is Glen Pultorak. He represents a clothier out of Cheam who is looking into expanding his business in the west. This is largely a reconnaissance run to get a feel for the market. (While Krondor and Port Vykor had promise, the more ‘country’ townsfolk of the west are not likely customers.) He commands a very nice half-coach wagon, with two-pairs of well-bred horses.
The guard is Henry, who is exactly what one would expect of caravan guard from the East. He rides an impressive stallion, and is well equipped in finely tailored armor, well-made rapier and knife. It is obvious he seen many miles, but no real action.

Taking the rear position is Erick Weissinger’s large, covered wagon. Erick trades general merchandise, generally keeping to the duchy of Krondor. This run, he’s loaded with furnishings, rugs and other bulk sundries. (Much of his, seems to be from the Serpent Runner). He has two lightly loaded reserve horses lead-tied to the rear of his wagon.
Wessinger’s guard, hired the night before departure, is Nenette, a Tsuranni woman from LaMut. She has a saddled horse and reserve pack horse, also tied behind the wagon.

First Day on the Road and A Night at Brandeby’s Overlook

Fourthday: Travel was uneventful, and the caravan pulled in to Brandeby’s with a few hours of light left in the day. Pultorak opted to stay in one of the inns, and the rest circled the wagons in a nearby meadow. Hunting & gathering was successful, and the travelers assembled a more than adequate communal supper and breakfast.

Second Day on the Road, and a Night at Jacgus’s Fork

Fifthday: In the morning, before departure for Jacgus’s, Jen negotiated with the innkeepers at Brandeby’s. One bought 2 packets of MacDonnell’s Hangover Helper (for $180 each).

The trip thorough the mountains was punctuated by Enoch’s, from the road, one-shot-one-kill of a large mountain goat buck. Otherwise it was uneventful.

At Jacqus’s, Pultorak again opted to stay at an inn, and the rest found another meadow. Shortly thereafter, Nenette felled another goat (an older doe), adding it to the communal provisions.

A Night in Goblin Territory

Sixthday: Shortly after leaving Jacgus’s, Rholf & Jen ducked into the scrub, to see if the caravan was being followed. The only thing they saw was obvious local traffic, so they returned to the wagons.

Near sundown, the caravanners agreed to stop for the night rather than pushing through to Tannerus. Rholf again backtracked to check for followers. While waiting, a lone Mountain Goblin was seen foraging. Rholf left him to his business, but didn’t press his luck, and returned to the wagons. After some discussion, he and Enoch returned to the location where the goblin had been spotted. They brought the stretched goat skins as trade for an exchange of information and good will. For what it is worth, an understanding was agreed upon: “leave us alone, and we’ll do the same.”

After camp dinner, under the light of a full Middle Moon, Hrolf left some of the goat meat out in the forest. By morning, it had been replaced with a stringless lute.

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Moons (Sixthday)

Small Waxing Crescent
Middle Full
Big Last Quarter



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