Skirting The Dodgy Path

Rescued Captives and a New Companion

13th Session

Fourthday, 17 Kima, RKP

One of the rescued captives, Xabat is more interested in retrieving his property (and kicking bogling butt) than actually being free. He stays with the group, while Kevin leads the captives back to the road to Eggley.

Fifthday, 18 Kima, RKP

The group reaches a large cavern at the bottom of a well. This cavern connects to a passage that winds up to another smaller bogling nest. After dispatching the last of the bogling infestation, the adventurers leave the cavern system by way the well’s wind-powered mechanism.

The well turns out to be on the outskirts of the village of Eggley. The village is recovering from a sickness caused by the boglings’ contamination of the water supply. They welcome the adventurers, but are saddened by the news about Nenette.

Weary from the long ordeal in the caverns, the group enjoys a hearty meal, and settles in for a well-earned rest.



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