Skirting The Dodgy Path

Lost Sanctuary of Arch-Indar

Formerly Known as Unnlinn’s Citadel

- Multiple Sessions -

Late Seconday, 9th of Kimia, Year 6 of the Reign of King Patrick

Descending the stairs, our heroes find themselves in an underground complex. Stirges, rodents of unusual size, and giant centipedes occupy rooms and hallways near the entrance. Dimler effectively found and disarmed most of the ancient and more recent traps.

Further into the complex, it becomes clear the complex is a long lost sanctuary to “The Selfless One”, Arch-Indar, greater goddess of good, and it has been overrun by a tribe of bipedal frog-like ‘ goblins’ (boglings). The creatures have captured a water elemental and worship as a god. To the group’s horror, all the children have been sacrificed and eaten, except one: Kevin, the son of Ernest Haddock, proprietor of the The Gull’s Inn & General Store.

Shaken by his experience, Kevin aids in ridding the complex of the boglings.

Thirday, 10th of Kimia

Returning to the surface, the group is shocked to find the shack long destroyed. It had been crushed by a deadfall tree, that appears to have been the sapling the crone warned Father Jennings to avoid the previous day.

The group gathers buckets and water, and returns below in order to release the elemental into the maze of natural caverns below the sanctuary. Jennings casts a ward on the entrance to the caverns, and the group set off to report their findings to Tannerus and return Kevin to his family.


Small Waxing Crescent
Middle Last Quarter
Big Waning Crescent



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