Skirting The Dodgy Path

Graduation Day

2nd Session

Sixthday, 1st day of Kimia, Year 6 of the Reign of King Patrick

Dimler and Hrolf got a head-start on the day, thanks to Madam Shea’s elixir, and split the day ferrying goods from the Serpent Runner and Rael Chandler’s shop to Krondor’s market square. Mrs Chandler provided midday meal, after which, Dimler went off to witness Enoch Jennings’s promotion ceremony.

At the Krondor Temple of Ka-hooli, the temple’s priests, acolytes, select faithful, and representatives from the all of the major temples (including Brother Lucien Bowery, representing the Temple of Kilian) stood witness to the investment of Father Jennings.

Back at the Torch and Mermaid, Jen Dodge kept a low profile, as the possibility that the Serpent Runner’s journey to Krondor may be more that what it seems.

Being down on his luck, Rik Sangur humbly asked if he could work for Dimler in the coming days. He was accepted, and given some ‘starter money’ to get him through the day.

As part of an information-gathering mission from Madam Shea, and with the aid of a bottle of Kennoch whisky, Hrolf brokered a deal between Sanrik Navinder and Boro Bescoby of Bescoby Outfitters, and got himself invited to supper aboard the Serpent Runner.

While at an amazingly elegant dinner for such a small vessel, Hrolf learned that Sanrik is the first officer of the Serpent Runner. After a couple rounds of whiskey, the most interesting bit of information gleaned is that Sanrik and the navigator (2nd Officer) shared a cabin on the journey, as there was a paid passenger who took one of the three cabins on the ship. That passenger was not present at supper. He disembarked almost immediately after pulling up to the quay. His meager luggage packed into a waiting buggy, he sped off toward the Merchants’ Quarter. Further investigation revealed he was last seen near the southern gate to the city.



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