Skirting The Dodgy Path

Cavern Crawl 1

Multiple Sessions

Firstday – Fourthday, 14 – 17 Kimia, 6 RKP

Our adventurers combed through the caverns for days, exterminating boglings wherever found. Early on the 4th day, (Fourthday, 17 Kima) the cavern opened up into a large chamber. The chamber had multiple entrances, a stream running through it to large pool and a bogling village. The village of a few huts along the stream, about 30 boglings, and an upper level atop a rock outcrop with a shaman an chieftains.

On the outskirts of the village, against the cavern wall, was a small cage holding Nanette and 9 other human captives.

Led by Jen and spurred on by Nakor, the group sneaks up to the cage. Nakor somehow managed to sneak into the cage, release and organize the captives. When the group attacked, the captives broke out of the cage, and started to flee. Seeing this, the shaman attempted to summon the elemental. This only succeeded in bringing the elemental’s wrath upon the village.



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