Skirting The Dodgy Path

Bittersweet Homecoming

Eleventh Session

Fifthday, 12th of Kimia, Year 6 RKP

- Fourthday Spent Traveling -

Returning to Tannerus midday, the group reunited Kevin with his father, and updated the townsfolk on their findings. Earlier that morning, Nakor the Islani arrived in town. He was keen to hear all about the ruins. After deliberations, it was decided that the group would lead an expedition team to the ruins for a thorough investigation, and the heroes (accompanied by Kevin and Nakor) search the caverns for more survivors and to root out the boglings.

After reverse-haggling for provisions, the group prepared for their return to the ruins and caverns below.

- Sixthday Spent Traveling -

Firsday, 14th of Kimia, Year 6 RKP

Upon arrival at the ruins, the group recounts their findings, and gives the investigative team the lay of the land. Leaving the investigators to their task, they proceed into the caverns.

In the caverns, signs of the elemental’s passage can be seen, and pockets of boglings to be dealt with. (Continued…)



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