Skirting The Dodgy Path

Banapis at the Torch & Mermaid

1st Session

Fifthday, Banapis, Between Years 5 & 6 of the Reign of King Patrick

Our ‘heroes’ settle in to celebrate Banapis at the good old Torch and Mermaid.

A trio of rowdy sailors from the Serpent Runner, fresh from Novindus, found their way to the T&M. Rholf quickly took the reins on getting them in-line. After a some confusion (and hasty translation) they realized what day it was, and quickly got into the spirit. (Thanks to Dimler, one of the trio, Rik, will find his entire pay (four Gold Sovereigns) for the voyage is missing. With any luck, he will have no idea when he ‘lost’ it.)

An incognito Erik von Darkmoor, recently named to succeed James Jameson as Duke of Krondor, made his presence known, and commended ‘Hrolf’ on his handling of the situation with the sailors. Breaking Banapis protocol by talking shop, von Darkmoor invited Hrolf to see him at the Palace Armoury on Firstday (in 2 days).

The day before, Enoch Jennings had his final instruction with his Monsignor as a deacon, and was given his first ‘mission’: Sometime this year, he is to travel to the main Temple of Ka-Hooli, just north of Kenting Rush. This journey must be made by conventional means (no teleportation), but he need not travel alone. In fact, the Monsignor recommended taking Dimler along. Extended distance from the temptations of his old life should serve him well. Awaiting his arrival at the Temple at Kenting Rush will be compiled files regarding the Evert Kolgrim case, as requested.

Jen Dodge enjoyed a day of role-reversal, with many of her regular customers doting on her… with mixed effectiveness. (The sailors from Novindus showed no sign of recognizing her.)

During the festivities, after one of the Serpent sailors had passed out, Madam MacDonnell (Shea), proprietor of the Torch & Mermaid, distributed her famous hangover elixir. It is very effective preventing the ill-effects of overindulgence. (That poor sailor, however, will not benefit from the morning-after effect. It woke him up, kept him from being sick, and ‘encouraged’ him to eat.)


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