Skirting The Dodgy Path

On the Road Again
Session 15

Ambush by assassins (Nighthawks)

Deep in the Heart of Eggley
Session 14

Tidy up cavern, tool around town

Rescued Captives and a New Companion
13th Session

Fourthday, 17 Kima, RKP

One of the rescued captives, Xabat is more interested in retrieving his property (and kicking bogling butt) than actually being free. He stays with the group, while Kevin leads the captives back to the road to Eggley.

Fifthday, 18 Kima, RKP

The group reaches a large cavern at the bottom of a well. This cavern connects to a passage that winds up to another smaller bogling nest. After dispatching the last of the bogling infestation, the adventurers leave the cavern system by way the well’s wind-powered mechanism.

The well turns out to be on the outskirts of the village of Eggley. The village is recovering from a sickness caused by the boglings’ contamination of the water supply. They welcome the adventurers, but are saddened by the news about Nenette.

Weary from the long ordeal in the caverns, the group enjoys a hearty meal, and settles in for a well-earned rest.

Cavern Crawl 1
Multiple Sessions

Firstday – Fourthday, 14 – 17 Kimia, 6 RKP

Our adventurers combed through the caverns for days, exterminating boglings wherever found. Early on the 4th day, (Fourthday, 17 Kima) the cavern opened up into a large chamber. The chamber had multiple entrances, a stream running through it to large pool and a bogling village. The village of a few huts along the stream, about 30 boglings, and an upper level atop a rock outcrop with a shaman an chieftains.

On the outskirts of the village, against the cavern wall, was a small cage holding Nanette and 9 other human captives.

Led by Jen and spurred on by Nakor, the group sneaks up to the cage. Nakor somehow managed to sneak into the cage, release and organize the captives. When the group attacked, the captives broke out of the cage, and started to flee. Seeing this, the shaman attempted to summon the elemental. This only succeeded in bringing the elemental’s wrath upon the village.

Bittersweet Homecoming
Eleventh Session

Fifthday, 12th of Kimia, Year 6 RKP

- Fourthday Spent Traveling -

Returning to Tannerus midday, the group reunited Kevin with his father, and updated the townsfolk on their findings. Earlier that morning, Nakor the Islani arrived in town. He was keen to hear all about the ruins. After deliberations, it was decided that the group would lead an expedition team to the ruins for a thorough investigation, and the heroes (accompanied by Kevin and Nakor) search the caverns for more survivors and to root out the boglings.

After reverse-haggling for provisions, the group prepared for their return to the ruins and caverns below.

- Sixthday Spent Traveling -

Firsday, 14th of Kimia, Year 6 RKP

Upon arrival at the ruins, the group recounts their findings, and gives the investigative team the lay of the land. Leaving the investigators to their task, they proceed into the caverns.

In the caverns, signs of the elemental’s passage can be seen, and pockets of boglings to be dealt with. (Continued…)

Lost Sanctuary of Arch-Indar
Formerly Known as Unnlinn’s Citadel

- Multiple Sessions -

Late Seconday, 9th of Kimia, Year 6 of the Reign of King Patrick

Descending the stairs, our heroes find themselves in an underground complex. Stirges, rodents of unusual size, and giant centipedes occupy rooms and hallways near the entrance. Dimler effectively found and disarmed most of the ancient and more recent traps.

Further into the complex, it becomes clear the complex is a long lost sanctuary to “The Selfless One”, Arch-Indar, greater goddess of good, and it has been overrun by a tribe of bipedal frog-like ‘ goblins’ (boglings). The creatures have captured a water elemental and worship as a god. To the group’s horror, all the children have been sacrificed and eaten, except one: Kevin, the son of Ernest Haddock, proprietor of the The Gull’s Inn & General Store.

Shaken by his experience, Kevin aids in ridding the complex of the boglings.

Thirday, 10th of Kimia

Returning to the surface, the group is shocked to find the shack long destroyed. It had been crushed by a deadfall tree, that appears to have been the sapling the crone warned Father Jennings to avoid the previous day.

The group gathers buckets and water, and returns below in order to release the elemental into the maze of natural caverns below the sanctuary. Jennings casts a ward on the entrance to the caverns, and the group set off to report their findings to Tannerus and return Kevin to his family.


Small Waxing Crescent
Middle Last Quarter
Big Waning Crescent
Investigation Begins
Sixth Session

Seconday, 9th of Kimia, Year 6 of the Reign of King Patrick

Late, the previous evening Dimler and Rholf went on to their own investigation in town, and met up at the wagon, in the town square. There, they saw Nenette in discussion Erick Weissinger about what to do next. Wessinger sent Nennette to get the lay of the land up in Eggley. She left shortly thereafter.

The day begins with Jen’s “date” to break fast with George, Tannerus’s town drunk, and proprietor of the local brewery. The new-and-improved George impresses the locals, landing Jen a couple lucrative sales.

Rested, but distracted, Enoch Jennings continued to recover from his consecration the day before. The experience has locked the location into his mind. He believes he could teleport to that clearing, as if it had a pattern marker, such as those used to teleport between temples.

Meanwhile, Dimler and Rholf went to the livery to attend to the horses in preparaton to take the investigation of the witch reported to live in the area of Unnlinn’s Citadel.

“The Witch”

The group made their way, and found the outcrop marking the location to turn off the road, and head to the ruins. With fits and starts (horse troubles) they made their way through the forest.

Eventually, they came across a grassy clearing. They observed an elderly woman, struggling to pick pears from a tree near her shack. They introduced themselves, and began asking questions, but the woman seems a bit loopy. Loopiness aside, she appears to have no problem supporting herself, or keeping track of what’s going on around her. She even pointed out a sapling, out of concern Father Jennings horse would disturb it. She claims to know nothing about missing children, but recalls that ‘children’ (adolescents) do visit the Citadel as a sort of right of passage. Remains of an outer wall of the citadel are just behind the woman’s shack, and a taller bit of the citadel itself is visible through the trees.

She says the locals, their children, goblins and other beasties of the area leave her alone for the most part. She expressed having had no reason to leave the area, as everything she needs is right there. She’s lost track of how long she’s lived alone in her shack, but seemed to thoroughly enjoy the brief visit. When asked if it was OK if the group came back, and camped in the area, she seemed delighted, and contemplated making a pie from the pears the group helped collect.

“Unnlinn’s Citadel”


The ruins appear to be much more than a few centuries old, as would be the case were this to have been in use during Governor Unnlinn’s time. These ruins show closer to thousands of years of neglect, not hundreds.

A search of the grounds revealed a concealed stairway, leading underground….

To Be Continued…

Trouble in Tannerus
Fifth Session

Firstday, 8th of Kimia, 2nd week of year 6 of the Reign of King Patrick

The caravan pulled into Tannerus mid-day. Road-weary, and having heard tales of their specialty (baked bacon), our adventurers headed to The Fighting Lord’s Beerhouse. Almost immediately after entering the establishment, the serving girl ‘recognized’ Father Jennings’s arrival as much anticipated good news. A whirlwind of activity ensued, and a town meeting was called.

Rholf picked up archery kit at The Gull’s Inn & General Store. He also met Dean Barney, the town’s constable. Jen made quite an impression for Shea’s wares, by dosing the town drunk, George. Upon having a clear head for the first time in years, he agreed to break fast with Jen in the morning. (Hopefully with a clean change of clothes.)

A Town Traumatized: Children Missing

Messenger from Eggley
About three weeks ago, a request for help arrived from Eggley. People were getting sick. Details were sketchy, as the messenger himself was very ill by the time he got to town. An aid convoy was assembled, consisting of the town’s healers, four other able-bodied adults and about a half-dozen older (teenaged/near-adult) children. If more help was needed, fast messengers were to go directly to Cook’s Vale by way of Fairchurchling Crag.

Disappearances Begin
A few days after the convoy left, the first child went missing. The disappearances continued sporadically until Banapis, when 3 children never showed up for The Choosing or other town festivities. Since then, children have been kept indoors, or otherwise diligently supervised when playing outside.

Town Investigation and Reaction
Not counting the members of the Eggley convoy, a total of 15 children (aged 3 – 14) are unaccounted for. No clear pattern for the disappearances has been recognized. By a weak consensus, most believe the disappearances are happening in the mornings and early evenings, as opposed to midday. Constable Barney, has investigated each disappearance, and the only thing consistent is the lack of evidence. There have been no signs of struggle, no personal effects left behind, and not a single cry for help heard. The day after Banapis, a second dispatch was sent directly to Cook’s Vale regarding this new problem. Townsfolk originally believed the party (players) to have been sent as part of a response from Cook’s.

Rumors: Who to Blame

  • Goblins
    Goblins have known to abduct kids, but the town hasn’t had such problems in decades. Of note, the night after Banapis (when the largest group went missing) was a full Big Moon, and everybody knows that’s when goblins perform their evil rituals.
  • A Witch
    An old woman has apparently taken residence at (what is known locally as ‘Unnlinn’s Citadel’) ruins that can be found to the Northeast. These ruins are said to have been a noble’s villa, from when this area was part of the Keshan province of Bosania.

Investigation Begins

Dimler snooped around town, adding little substantive information, but was seeing first hand the effect the disappearances are having on the town. Those children old enough to understand are afraid. The younger kids are becoming bored with playing inside and miss their friends.

While playing traveling salesperson, Jen learned that Kevin, the son of the proprietor of The Gull’s Inn is among those missing. (He would have been participating in The Choosing, as this is is 14th summer.

Hrolf & Father Jennings backtracked to ask their ‘goblin friends’ if they knew anything about the missing children. They didn’t, but one of their number confirmed an old woman has been seen near the ruins to the Northeast. They also indicated there are other tribes of goblin-kin in the area, and some of them have a more confrontational relationship with humans. (This is not unexpected.)

In furthering efforts of extending good will, Jennings offered to bless the goblin tribe. The representative initially seemed grateful for the offer, but didn’t seem to understand, and ran off. With nobody present to bless, Enoch opted to attempt to sanctify the clearing itself. (Something usually performed as a group ritual, led by a high priest.) Surprisingly, the spell seemed to work, but the effort left Fr. Jennings drained.

When the pair returned to the road, they found Nenette waiting for them. Ostensibly she followed as back-up, in case the meeting (which she felt was a monumentally stupid endeavor) turned ugly. Something about this didn’t sit right with Father Jennings… or maybe that was just an effect of the fatigue.

The trio headed back to Tannerus.

Road to Kenting Rush (2013)
Fourth Session

Fourthday – Sixthday, 5th through 7th days of Kimia, Year 6 of the Reign of King Patrick

Our group has attached itself to a trio of independent tradesmen, following the Calastius Run by way of Jacgus’s Fork.

Traveling Companions

Dimler’s cart has taken the point position in the makeshift wagon train.

Taking the second position is Cory Reihe, a spice merchant. His tidy 2-horse wagon has been modified to accommodate up to 2 passengers. They have one reserve horse, kept in a loose-tack configuration, lead-tied to the wagon.
Reihe’s son Derrick is serving as guard, and is riding in the wagon. This is his 16th summer, and first run as solo guard.

Third in line is Glen Pultorak. He represents a clothier out of Cheam who is looking into expanding his business in the west. This is largely a reconnaissance run to get a feel for the market. (While Krondor and Port Vykor had promise, the more ‘country’ townsfolk of the west are not likely customers.) He commands a very nice half-coach wagon, with two-pairs of well-bred horses.
The guard is Henry, who is exactly what one would expect of caravan guard from the East. He rides an impressive stallion, and is well equipped in finely tailored armor, well-made rapier and knife. It is obvious he seen many miles, but no real action.

Taking the rear position is Erick Weissinger’s large, covered wagon. Erick trades general merchandise, generally keeping to the duchy of Krondor. This run, he’s loaded with furnishings, rugs and other bulk sundries. (Much of his, seems to be from the Serpent Runner). He has two lightly loaded reserve horses lead-tied to the rear of his wagon.
Wessinger’s guard, hired the night before departure, is Nenette, a Tsuranni woman from LaMut. She has a saddled horse and reserve pack horse, also tied behind the wagon.

First Day on the Road and A Night at Brandeby’s Overlook

Fourthday: Travel was uneventful, and the caravan pulled in to Brandeby’s with a few hours of light left in the day. Pultorak opted to stay in one of the inns, and the rest circled the wagons in a nearby meadow. Hunting & gathering was successful, and the travelers assembled a more than adequate communal supper and breakfast.

Second Day on the Road, and a Night at Jacgus’s Fork

Fifthday: In the morning, before departure for Jacgus’s, Jen negotiated with the innkeepers at Brandeby’s. One bought 2 packets of MacDonnell’s Hangover Helper (for $180 each).

The trip thorough the mountains was punctuated by Enoch’s, from the road, one-shot-one-kill of a large mountain goat buck. Otherwise it was uneventful.

At Jacqus’s, Pultorak again opted to stay at an inn, and the rest found another meadow. Shortly thereafter, Nenette felled another goat (an older doe), adding it to the communal provisions.

A Night in Goblin Territory

Sixthday: Shortly after leaving Jacgus’s, Rholf & Jen ducked into the scrub, to see if the caravan was being followed. The only thing they saw was obvious local traffic, so they returned to the wagons.

Near sundown, the caravanners agreed to stop for the night rather than pushing through to Tannerus. Rholf again backtracked to check for followers. While waiting, a lone Mountain Goblin was seen foraging. Rholf left him to his business, but didn’t press his luck, and returned to the wagons. After some discussion, he and Enoch returned to the location where the goblin had been spotted. They brought the stretched goat skins as trade for an exchange of information and good will. For what it is worth, an understanding was agreed upon: “leave us alone, and we’ll do the same.”

After camp dinner, under the light of a full Middle Moon, Hrolf left some of the goat meat out in the forest. By morning, it had been replaced with a stringless lute.

firstday seconday thirday fourthday fifthday sixthday
Kimia 2 Kimia 3 Kimia 4 Kimia 5 Kimia 6 Kimia 7
Join caravan Break camp Check if followed
Day travel Day Travel Goblins!
Night at Brandeby’s Overlook Night at Jacgus’s Fork Night in the wild

Moons (Sixthday)

Small Waxing Crescent
Middle Full
Big Last Quarter
Friends & Enemies in High Places
Third Session

Firstday through Thirday, 2 through 4 of Kimia, Year 6 of the Reign of King Patrick

Rholf went to the palace armory, as requested. The Duke-to-be let it be known that he is aware of who Hrolf actually is. (Effectively letting Hrolf know that his identity isn’t as secret as he might like, and it might be time to move on.) The true (official) purpose of the meeting is to forge a sword worthy of von Darkmoor’s new position as Duke of Krondor. Officially, von Darkmoor forged his own sword, with Hrolf’s assistance. Hrolf was paid for his assistance, and allowed to use the armory and remaining special material (meteoric iron). He used the equipment and material to make 8 daggers.

Dimler and Rik Sangur continued distribution of goods from the Serpent Runner. Rik proved to be a very good assistant, and has been picking up the language. He noticed Dimler works for a chandler, and brought up that some of the cargo yet to be offloaded was candles, which Rael was happy to buy. For his part in the transaction, Dimler received a modest commission.

News of the mysterious passenger from the Serpent Runner sent Jen into a panic. Seeking to assist Jen to not just flee without knowing, Shea helped Jen with an effective disguise, and the pair went looking for the mysterious man. On the 3rd day, they noticed one of Jen’s father’s men. He had apparently been making the rounds on the richer end of town, assuming Jen would gravitate toward a more familiar lifestyle.

Father Jennings has taken up lodging at the Torch and Mermaid, and is preparing to begin his mission. Shea will partially sponsor the journey, by commissioning Falloo to take a supply of Madam MacDonnel’s Hangover Helper, with Jen acting as traveling salesperson, and Hrolf as guard.

Rik has happily agreed to stay in Krondor, and will step in to cover for Dimler while he is away.

firstday seconday thirday fourthday fifthday sixthday
Kimia 2 Kimia 3 Kimia 4 Kimia 5 Kimia 6 Kimia 7
Rholf at Palace Armory Making sword making daggers
Dimler offloading Serpent Runner Continued Finish offload. Brokered deal.
Jen investigating stranger Jen investigating stranger Jen investigating stranger
Jennings securing lodging continues Moves into Torch & Mermaid

Moons (Seconday)

Small Waxing Crescent
Middle 1st Quarter
Big Waning Gibbous

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