So the basics. Gurps 4th Edition, Medium-High Fantasy, Tech Level 4 (without gunpowder).

World Setting
(Main article Midkemia)
Midkemia: The world setting is based on the series of novels by Raymond E. Feist. Some characters, locations and… whatever: I didn’t come up with all that stuff. Unlike the Original Midkemia RPG, this game is set within the timeline of The Riftwar Cycle, specifically, the 30 year gap between The Serpentwar Saga and Conclave of Shadows.


Player Character Description Point Total
Brandon Elliott Hrolf Grimm Guard / Swordsman with a checkered past 175
Dustin Wagner Enoch Jennings Priest of Ka-Hooli 130
Kathee Elliott Jen Dodge Barmaid of Mystery 175
Steve Nicoll Dimler Falloo reforemed thief 195
Test_Subj Lucien Bowery Order of the Wilds 175
Alex Everhart Xabat Rodezian Daredevil 178

Helper App.

logo.gif GCS: Gurps Character Sheet is a stand-alone, interactive, character sheet editor that allows you to build characters for the GURPS 4th Edition roleplaying game system.

Skirting The Dodgy Path

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